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Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Sonoma County, facilitated by the Mendocino County Community Foundation, the Cancer Resource Centers has a new informational video.

This mini-movie was made by TrimTab Media, a wonderful company headed by Mendocino native Mischa Hedges. This 4-minute video explains who we are and what we do.  We hope that you like it and will share it with your friends who may need our services.  Many thanks to Mischa, to TrimTab, to our wonderful Community Foundation and its funders. Thanks to the clients and staff who participated in the making of the movie. Your love and generosity is inspiring!  Please share the link with your friends.

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The Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County is a grassroots organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for those in Mendocino County faced with cancer. Our vision is that no one in Mendocino County will face cancer alone.

The Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County’s Patient Navigation program provides cancer patients, cancer survivors, and the circle of family and friends who support them with the information and support they need to understand and manage diagnostic and treatment options, surmount financial and logistic hurdles, and maintain their family and professional life while undergoing treatment. As one of only two stand-alone centers between Marin County and the California-Oregon border, CRC’s services are a vital resource for Mendocino County residents. Ask us how we can help you today.
Consultation Planners help our clients prepare for an upcoming medical appointment by working with them to organize and prioritize questions and concerns they may have. Consultation Recorders accompany our clients to the appointment and facilitate the session with the doctor to ensure that the client has all questions and concerns addressed and understands the information that is dispensed.
In cooperation with the Community Foundation’s Foster Fund, CRC works with patients who are undergoing treatment away from their hometown to help them access transportation and lodging services. We understand the financial burden placed on families who need to travel to access critical medical services. We can help ease the burden.
We offer a collection of the latest books and recordings on a variety of subjects related to cancer and overall health. Books may be checked out for two weeks. Ask our patient navigators if they have any titles to recommend!
We offer support groups for men and women both inland and on the coast.  To learn more about the times and dates, please visit support group listings or events.
The Cancer Resource Centers is completely funded through donations, fundraisers, and grants.  Our donors make it possible for our services to be provided at no cost from offices located in Mendocino and Ukiah. Make a donation today!

A book in our lending library.

A book in our lending library.

We sponsor several support groups that meet in Fort Bragg and Ukiah. Our offices have up-to-date materials to lend on specific types of cancer, stress management, relaxation, nutrition, and memoirs of others who have faced cancer. We provide referrals to other community resources. We offer our clients hats, wigs, scarves, breast prostheses, and bras. Our medical consultation support services include:

  • Assistance in preparing questions for medical appointments
  • Accompaniment to medical appointments
  • Audio recording and written summarization of the appointment
Around a table at a house in the woods, the idea sprang forth to provide our communities with access to cancer-related services. We were women living with cancer who had sought information and resources and found there was no single local place to find the information we wanted.  With this very real need in mind, we worked hard, formed a board and opened our doors in the summer of 1995 in an alleyway in a room off of a garage. We became the first non facility-based cancer resource center between Marin County and the Oregon border. Today, twenty-three remarkable years later, CRC has become an absolutely essential part of our rural community, not just for people who have cancer but for the community as a whole. CRC has grown beyond our wildest imaginings. So, too, has the spread of cancer; some are healing , some have died. More and more of us are touched. Our hope is that someday our work will not be needed, that prevention will be foremost on the minds of research funders, governments, and citizens of the world, and that the Precautionary Principle will be in place globally. Until then, we will continue serving. Thank you friends, for allowing us to do just that.


One of our Ukiah volunteers sorts bras for clients, 2008

One of our Ukiah volunteers sorts
bras for clients, 2008

Volunteers are vital to our organization! In most businesses, it is a good thing to hear that business is booming, but in our line of work, it means that someone in our community  needs our help.  We provide the training, you provide time and compassion. Ongoing volunteer needs include yard work (Ukiah and Mendocino) and volunteer drivers. For more information about current needs, call CRC at (707) 937-3833. Even if you cannot volunteer on a regular basis, let us know your schedule and we’ll work with you. If you are interested in volunteering for driving, ask for a copy of the Volunteer Drivers Enrollment Form and Drivers Confidentiality Form. 

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CRC’s Coastal office is now located in Fort Bragg

WE HAVE MOVED! After twenty-three years in Mendocino Village, the Cancer Resource Centers’ Coastal office has moved to Fort Bragg. Our new office is located at 510 Cypress St., Suite B-200, next door to Mendocino Coast District Hospital.

We are finding our new office in Fort Bragg more convenient for many of our Coastal clients who have appointments at the hospital and neighboring medical offices. We will miss the quaint village feel of Mendocino, the ocean views and world-class clam chowder around the corner, but we have gained space for our support groups to meet as well as easier access for our clients in wheelchairs. The ability to serve ALL of our clients equitably is extremely important to all of us.

We extend our deep thanks to Alder Moving Services (707-964-7917) and owner Jayson Berger for donating the move as a charitable contribution to CRC. The moving crew was awesome and there was no way we could have made this move on our own. You guys rock!

Cancer Awareness and Prevention Campaign

Presented by the Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County in collaboration with the Mendocino County Health and Human Services Agency.

The Cancer Resource Centers’ mission is to improve the quality of life for those in Mendocino County faced with cancer.

Coastal Office: 510 Cypress St., B-200, Fort Bragg, CA 95437 | (707) 937-3833

Inland Office: 590 South Dora Street, Ukiah, CA 95482 | (707) 467-3828

Health and Human Services Agency | (707) 472-2333

Being a woman is the greatest risk factor leading to a breast cancer diagnosis.

After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer found in American women.  Some women are at increased statistical risk for developing breast cancer, such as a family history of the disease, but many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have no obvious increased risk factors.  The National Cancer Institute has a short, online tool for assessing a woman’s 5-year risk of developing breast cancer.  It is found at

Each woman should learn the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and discuss with her medical provider the screening schedule that is best for her.  Information on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer can be found on the American Cancer Society website.  The Cancer Resource Centers’ lending library has many good resources available for loan, absolutely free of charge.

Coastal Office: 707.937.3833  |  Inland Office:  707.467.3828 | | 510 Cypress St., Suite B-200, Fort Bragg, CA . 95437